Before you Buy

Just a few pro-tips before you get started.

  • Wired v. Wifi

    The VoiceUPB Bridge supports a wired network connection directly out of the box. To use it on your home Wifi network requires theTeamViewer software, plus additional configuration. Instructions for this in a separate PDF file.

  • Windows Native. Mac Possible.

    The VoiceUPB Bridge set-up app, which you run on your own computer, runs natively on Windows 7 and up. If you're on a Mac, we've got easy-to-follow instructions to set up the app using the free Wine emulator.

  • Network Scan

    VoiceUPB Bridge should automatically join your home network, however some super secure network configurations require you to find the device's IP address using your router's device table. This is dependent on your network hardware.

  • Making Installation Easier

    Installation is easier if you have a UPB configuration file from UPStart. You may already have this, or may need to request it from your UPB installer. The configuration software can also scan your network for devices, but this may take some time and make configuration a bit more challenging.

  • Port Forwarding

    Nope! Not needed! The Bridge makes its own connection to the Cloud when powered on and maintains that 24/7. No need to configure your router.

  • Making Your Assistant Smart

    You must use the voice assistant app on your mobile device to add VoiceUPB Bridge support to the voice assistant in your home. Amazon Alexa users should visit the Smart Home section of the Alexa app. Google Assistant users will find VoiceUPB in the Home Control section of the Google Home app. Each requires authorizing with the User Name and Password pre-configured and supplied with each Bridge.

  • Email Assistance

    If you have questions, we provide post-sales support to help you get the hardware installed and configured. This support is only by email. We do not offer phone-based support at this time.

  • PulseWorx Gateway Users

    With the VoiceUPB Bridge and the PulseWorx Gateway you have the best of all worlds. The two co-exist quite happily. The Bridge comes with its own USB PIM and when you use VoiceUPB to control a device or scene, the Gateway detects that and updates its state automatically.

Still Stuck?

Email Support

We're happy to provide email support for our customers. If you're having trouble and can't find your answer in the documentation above, please reach out to us for help. We try to answer emails as quickly as possible but always within two business days.

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